The jobs market is cooling, what does this mean?

A recent report by KPMG and REC highlights a softening in the rate of hiring after a period of unpredictable post-Covid growth. 


“vacancy growth continued to ease, with both permanent and temporary staff demand rising at the softest rates since February 2021”


Unfortunately, this does little to solve the continuing problems that businesses have experienced tapping into specialists, necessary and niche expertise for their Technology and Transformation agendas. Candidate supply unfortunately remains a significant problem, which traditional solutions such as recruitment channels and consultancy partners are failing to effectively address. 


“A key factor weighing on candidate numbers was a greater hesitancy among people to apply for new roles, driven by fears over the economic outlook. A generally low unemployment rate, skills shortages and Brexit also weighed on candidate availability.”


How then do businesses navigate these tricky times and access these important skills? 


At William Alexander, we power your projects and business growth by bringing together the best components of Consultancy and Recruitment without the disadvantages of either. Our unique approach allows us to rapidly deploy and scale specific (often niche and hard to attain) skills you need, utilising the best high quality consultants in the market, ringfenced for the duration of your projects.



Having a market leading in-house recruitment business operating under the same roof means we can quickly access highly skilled Contractors for your projects with precise skills that match your needs.


Benefit from the A team for the duration of the project. We source and deploy our Consultants specifically for each piece of work so we never have to rotate them onto other projects.


Your team will be in place only for as long as you need them. Did the project finish ahead of schedule? No need to pay anyone to sit twiddling their thumbs. Project scope expanded? We’ll get more people deployed asap.


A dedicated and experienced support team including free of charge Account Manager and Engagement Delivery Manager to oversee each engagement. Regular service reviews and custom reporting give you the data, information and peace of mind that we are delivering what you need and want.


We can be more competitive on price without compromising on quality and service.


Both we and our Consultants are paid a percentage of our earnings only when we have met agreed outcomes. This keeps us and our Consultants focused on delivering the things you actually need and want.

Posted by: William Alexander Consulting