Accelerated Project Mobilisation

Uncertainty in the scope, complexity and benefits of new ideas often engenders a lack of confidence and sponsorship into a wider change portfolio.

Projects are often prioritised simply because they are better understood or are already in flight, despite the potential of other new ideas, innovations and customer growth initiatives that could deliver increased investment returns and customer benefits.

At William Alexander Consulting we can help.

We can accelerate the mobilisation of your projects to quickly gain the certainty. We mobilise teams at pace to engage your business sponsors and stakeholders to deliver the key initial deliverables and early stages of your projects. Our team will bring the business problem and the solution options to life, creating a common vision and driving more certainty in the scope, benefits and costs. We will adopt Lean and Agile techniques to quickly design new business and operating processes, prototype technology solutions and create new customer experiences.

Key outcomes include:

  • Project and Governance Plans
  • Resource/Cost Profiles
  • Project Requirements/User Story Backlogs
  • Architectural and Solution Design
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis and Business Case
  • Rapid Technology and Customer Prototypes


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