Professional Services – Public Sector


In August 2020, a large central Government department sought a professional services delivery partner to support a major cloud contact centre migration programme to transform the way they interact with citizens. 

For a number of strategic commercial reasons, the client required the supplier to provide several multi-skilled project teams extremely quickly to work on the inflight projects and complete a handover from the incumbent systems integrator who had been managing the discovery phase of the contact centre transformation programme and who were now exiting.

They also wanted the chosen delivery partner to carry out knowledge transfer and capability development of its own internal staff to increase the level of maturity and skill in order to manage the new service.

Why the client chose us

The department carried out a formal tender process for the £2.5m procurement using the Crown Commercial Services DOS4 framework. Nine suppliers bid for the work, including some of the UK’s best-known consultancies and systems integrators. 

Key to the decision to award William Alexander Consulting with the contract was our ability (demonstrated in the tender process) to leverage our in-house recruitment business to source bespoke teams of expert project resources at a scale and speed the other consultancies could not match, at the same time as providing excellent value for taxpayers’ money. 

What we did

As soon as contracts had been signed, our client Relationship Manager and Engagement Delivery Manager (in this case our Head of Consulting), worked with the client's management team to draft a series of Statements of Work (SoWs) to define project requirements and articulate the roles and services required.   
They then worked closely with our own in-house resource delivery team to rapidly source and onboard an initial team of 10 Contractor Associates within the required two-to-four-week timeframe. 

Knowledge transfer was embedded as a deliverable in both the upper contracts (the SoWs) and in each of our Contractor Associate's Sub Consultancy Agreements to ensure that our client’s internal team was given the ongoing capability to manage the services once our Contractor Associates have exited the programme. 

What we achieved 

  • We were able to successfully transition the cloud telephony services prior to the incumbent supplier exiting, ensuring valuable knowledge was retained
  • Following the successful transition of services on the cloud telephony programme, we were then asked to build out a team of 10 multi-skilled project resources for a strategic debt management transformation programme. We now have over 30 Contractor Associates providing services across two programmes.
  • We have subsequently been granted a further contract award of £5 million, which has extended our engagement from 1 July 2021 through to the end of December 2022.