Portfolio Planning & Prioritisation

A robust portfolio view of projects and a common roadmap of all change initiatives, the cost / benefits, time-frames and inter-dependencies are key to effective change prioritisation. In our experience the decision is not easily achieved, the executive top table often demand many iterations of ‘what if’ scenarios to land on the right outcome. Effective portfolio management of the entire change agenda is key, a core capability of portfolio management is successfully shaping the business ideas into a robust change investment and into execution quickly.

Using our portfolio planning and management expertise, William Alexander Consulting can work with you to drive the business ideas into investment options, build business cases at pace and provide a single portfolio view of all change, the complexity/cost vs. benefit, the key dependencies and the right risks to manage.

We'll build you a robust single view of change and a portfolio to execute successfully.

Prioritise and Accelerate

Key outcomes include:
  • Vision and Change Road-maps
  • Investment Appraisals and Benefit Statements
  • Business Case
  • A centralised Portfolio View - schedules, resources and costs
  • An effective approach to pipeline, demand and change management
  • Risk, Issue and Dependency Logs
  • Governance and Delivery framework


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